I have worked as a member of the support staff at Alderman Cogan’s CE Primary School for approximately twenty years (not bad considering I only came for two terms initially).  During that time there have been many changes in education and in the role of the support staff. Gone are the days of one teaching assistant for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2.  We now have a team of support staff who bring with them a wide and varied range of skills and talents, proving that change can be good!  One thing that has never changed though is the welcoming/caring feel of our school, and the subsequent happy faces of the people and children within it.

Both of my own children attended this school and have fond memories of doing so.  In fact my eldest daughter refuses to leave and now works voluntarily in the school office for two days a week.

I am now beginning to see ex-pupils returning to the school as parents themselves.  I must be getting old - a point that was underlined recently when one of the children said that I reminded him of his grandma!

Even though old age is obviously approaching me more quickly than I had hoped I am proud to be a part of Alderman Cogan’s Primary School and hope to be for some time to come (wrinkles permitting!).

Debbie Barnard