Hello! I’m Mr Dykes and I’m the Senior Site Facilities Officer, although people usually prefer to call me ‘The Caretaker’.  I started work here at Alderman Cogan’s in 2002. I gave a friend a lift here so that he could collect a job application form….. the rest is history!  Many children and parents seek me out sooner or later, usually to retrieve balls from the roof!  

From Monday to Friday the cleaning and caretaking team are busy beavering away behind the scenes, starting our day when most of you are still in bed.  We work hard to ensure that the children are spending their days in a clean and safe environment.

Some of you may also see me when you return in the evening and at weekends for community activities that take place in the school building and on the field.  Out of school hours the site is used by numerous young people’s football and rugby teams, a Brownie pack and adult zumba classes.  I believe it is important that the school can serve the local community in this way and hope that we can continue to do so.

I’m a keen football enthusiast and have supported Hull City for more years than I care to remember.  Like caretaking….. it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!