Hello my name is Sarah Smith and I am the Foundation Stage Phase leader at Alderman Cogan’s CE Primary School.  I had the privilege of joining the team in September 2007.  This year I have been fortunate in being given the opportunity to help set up our new nursery.  It has been both challenging and exciting!

In the Foundation Stage we want our children to feel safe, happy and do the best learning possible while they are with us.  We aim to make their first years at our nursery and school exciting and challenging.  I enjoy seeing the children develop confidence about themselves as learners, particularly in the early stages of reading and writing.

In the Foundation Stage we work closely with parents and carers and are happy to discuss any concerns they may have about their child.  Our aim is for every child to achieve the most they can during their time here.  We are always working to develop our environment and provide the stimulation that our children need to learn.

Please browse through our album in the ‘Gallery’ for a taste of life in the Foundation Stage.