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Ebor Academy Trust

As many of you will be aware most of the schools in Hull are now academies and the services that have been available to us in the past from Hull Education Authority have diminished.  The school Governors have been exploring conversion to academy status and would be grateful for your views on whether Alderman Cogan’s CE Primary School should become an academy. The Governors believe that this change will enable us to continue to improve the opportunities we provide for your children and support the school in its future development.

The governors have given careful consideration to becoming an academy and believe that the best course of action will be to join a multi-academy trust – the Ebor Academy Trust. Their ethos is one that matches ours, and their proven track record is undoubtedly driven by the fact that they want the best for all children, just as we do.  If we become an academy, our relationship with the Ebor Academy Trust means that we will enjoy considerable independence, and maintain our name and ethos, whilst benefiting from collaboration with the Trust. By joining Ebor we will continue to forge our own school strategies and ideals, whilst tapping into the Trust’s success and sharing in their good practice. We would benefit from the cost savings of centralised services that will in turn allow us to ensure that our budget is spent on supporting our children to give them the greatest opportunities that we can.  To find out more about the Ebor Academy Trust look at their website at www.eboracademytrust.co.uk.

If the school becomes an academy it will remain a Church of England school and that character will be protected. We see this as the next step in our school’s development, not a radical change to our children’s education. Academy status will change some things behind the scenes, but otherwise you and your children will see very little difference when we make this change. We will continue to work closely with other local primary and secondary schools. The name of the school will not change and the uniform will not change. We hope that you will continue to give the Governors your support in driving our school forward.

The consultation period has now ended and we are moving into the next stage of academy conversion.  

Please click here to see some frequently asked questions about academy conversion.

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